I was part of the seventh Apprenticeship in UX Design program at Fresh Tilled Soil in Watertown, MA. The Fresh Tilled Soil website describes it this way:

"We turn promising designers and developers into UX pros through structured learning, one-on-one mentorship, and real-world experience. Our apprentices are early career web professionals who aspire to be leaders in the field by building beautiful, engaging web and mobile products."

To be accepted into the program, I created Modern Local in a one-week self-directed design sprint. There were four multi-week challenges that covered user experience design (iTV), user onboarding (Crystal), and coding (progressively enhanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). I also worked on three client projects that included onboarding, information architecture, and interface design for an electrical engineering web application, a mobile software testing web application, and an executive board planning web application.

My focus is on UX strategy, so my mentor in the program was Geordie Kaytes, Director of UX Strategy. Geordie tasked me with writing blog posts in areas that interest me, so I wrote these posts related to UX strategy: