modern local

Part of the application process for the Fresh Tilled Soil UX Apprentice program was to create a product in one week. The people running the apprentice program invited nine of the applicants to a design sprint workshop. At this workshop, we brainstormed together about problems people and businesses face in the travel industry. We identified a problem we wanted to solve and spent a week building a product to solve the problem. We presented our work the following week.

The problem I discovered was the people feel like they get stuck in tourist areas and never experience the "real" city. The solution I found was a peer-to-peer tour marketplace inspired by AirBnB.


The goal of the design was to allow users to explore the available tours with no barriers. Users aren't required to create an account or password until they are entering payment information to book a tour. The user can flow freely between popular tours, tours happening today and tomorrow, or choose a date in the future. The design is visual, interactive, navigated by scrolling rather than searching, and provides feedback from other people who took the tour.

Here are the slides I created. They take about 10 minutes to present.