dano qualls

ux researcher and product designer


I'm a researcher and designer who finds satisfaction in solving hard problems. My interests include human-centered design, UX strategy, information visualization, and designing for artificial intelligence. I'm happiest at work when I can be a part of the entire design process, from researching an unsolved problem to delivering the final product. 

You can read how I developed a product designer's mindset and skills in the background section, or see examples of my work below in the portfolio. 

The two most recent examples of my work are Earthio and Recreation.gov, which will go live to the public on Oct 1, 2018..


Hipmunk vs. Google Flights

Quantitative study comparing the efficiency of the tools, as well as the impact of brand personality

Why do people join a community?

Behavioral trends research to uncover why people join communities, so PegaSystems can create a better developer community

HBR.org Usability Study

Qualitative usability studies to improve HBR.org, with a focus on mobile

Fidelity Investments

User Experience Design (UXD) Projects

July 2015 - March 2017

Modern Local

How can we help travelers experience a new city like a local?

The AirBnB of travel guides.


How can we provide on-demand medical services in Nigeria?

Designing an artificially-intelligent system to assist in triage and routing of doctors to patients.

Drink Crate

How might we disrupt the $400B alcohol industry?

Creating the world's first crowd-sourced alcohol branding platform.


How might we make it easy for people to save for retirement?

Using simplicity and restricted choice to make the world's easiest and most effective retirement savings product.


How might we help liquor stores increase sales and loyalty?

Making wine discovery easy for novices with the Wine Sidekick.

AUX Form Challenge

One of the Fresh Tilled Soil Apprentice in UX Design (AUX) challenges was to create a web form using progressively enhanced HTML, CSS, and JS from scratch. See the original design here.


The site you are viewing now was created in Squarespace. I'm creating one very similar to it using Zurb Foundation and hosting it on github.io. When it's ready I'll redirect danoqualls.com to that site. 

Rails Tutorial

I worked through Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails tutorial in an attempt to create the Lab Notebook by myself. Building it solo was a bit beyond my current skillset, but we brought in another developer and used my designs. It is hosted internally at Fidelity at this time.